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As a business owner you are being pulled in a million different directions and can’t do everything by yourself. We understand that Social Media and Internet Marketing can be difficult or frustrating at times, and that navigating the Social Media world is probably the last thing you want to do.

Thats where Tree City Marketing comes into play. We will work with you and tailor a Social Media strategy plan that is built specifically for your company and your goals. We want you to understand, most social media or marketing agencies prefer to flood your social media with irrelevant posts purely to seem busy and imply they are working harder. Thats where Tree City Marketing separates ourselves from the rest. We prefer to work smarter. Quality, not quantity. Our campaigns are built to focus on what’s important to you! Whether your goal is to promote new products, explaining your services, or simply gaining new fans; whatever your goal is, we promise to work with you to help achieve them.


Once you sign up with Tree City Marketing, you will be working directly with Founder and Campaign Director Ray Bertka. Ray will work directly with you to help develop a static plan that is based on what your business actually needs. Good news for you, this doesn’t really require much work on your end. Ray will use some tools to take deeper look in your website, social media efforts, analytics, and anything that will be needed to understand your organization and brand.

Once a campaign is developed and personalized for your company, we don’t stop there! We start right away by making sure everything from Social Media profiles to your Website are set up properly, optimized, and as professional looking as possibly. Once this is completed we begin posting content and begin building your online presence!

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